Our MASK UP 330 Stories


Covid-19 awareness campaign to actively remind the 330 to Mask up, wash up and distance.

  • Ohio is seeing an alarming spike in COVID-19 infections. Mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene are the three most effective, practical measures to reduce the rate of infection.
  • In settings like work and school, where formal protocols are in place with temperature checks, masking and distancing the infection rate has been more manageable. Most of the transmission seems to be happening in employee down time or among social groups outside of these settings as people “let their guards down” with family, friends or other familiar people.
  • The State of Ohio is poised for a difficult path ahead as we have seen an increase in the frequency of infection. We are seeing record growth in cases, hospitalizations and deaths.
  • Greater Akron employers have access to hundreds of thousands of employees and can help with driving a message that can echo beyond the workplace into the daily of life of their employees, families and friends.

Goals of the Campaign

  • Drive awareness around the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing and hand hygiene as key preventative measures to control the spread of COVID-19.
  • Generate visibility around the frequent causes of spread, which include small, social gatherings with family and friends (rather than an assumption that spread of the virus is coming from large/mass gatherings of strangers)
  • Normalize the conversations that people need to have to change behaviors or expectations during family/friend gatherings, especially during the holiday and winter season, as people tend to congregate more with familiar people, indoors. Provide resources for people who need to have these conversations
  • Leverage the reach of the business community and employees to increase ‘eyeballs’ and ‘ears’ on the message
  • Work collectively to flatten the curve and reduce the spread in Summit County
  • The success of this campaign will not only improve our health outcomes, it will also support our ability to avoid a situation where our region’s economy and businesses may have to face lost revenue or, even worse, another shutdown in response to the impact of COVID-19.

Masking Up in the 330 keeps our customers and employees safe and keeps our businesses open.

  • You can shop, you can work, you can go to school – And, wherever you go in in the 330, you can and should mask up, keep your distance and wash your hands!
  • We want to see you out and about in the 330 to keep our businesses going – and we want to see you masked up and distanced in the process.
  • Mask up 330 to keep us open!
  • The future of our businesses happens right now – mask up, wash up and distance, 330!
  • I’m masking up for you – can you mask up for me? Mask up, 330!
  • For first responders and front line workers: “We are out every day supporting the 330 – please support us and our work by doing your part to mask up, wash up and distance.


Upload a video of yourself telling us why you mask up and we can add the #MaskUp330 filters to it.


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